The polite cat
Me cosplayed the polite cat
Me at Grand Canyon
Me at Northern MI

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My name is Yuhong (Jesse) Li and I'm currently an ECE Ph.D student in the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign advised by Prof. Deming Chen. Before that, I obtained my Bachelor's Degree and spend 4 wonderful years in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT). I'm interested in Efficient Machine Learning. Please feel free to contact me via email (leeyh at illinois dot edu)

Besides research, I like workout, cycling and playing some random games (checkout my youtube channel)!

🤟 Latest Updates

[2022.10] What Makes Convolutional Models Great on Long Sequence Modeling? preprint out on ArXiv! [project]

[2022.9] I'm serving the PURE program as the mentor for Fall semester, 2022!

[2022.8] I'm maintaining a project named GenNAS-Zero, which includes GenNAS and some interesting new ideas!

[2022.8] I will be a TA for ECE 110 this fall! Hope I can be nice and helpful! 👨

[2022.5] I started my internship in Microsoft Research Redmond advised by Dr. Debadeepta Dey!

[2021.12] Our paper got accepted by NeurIPS! Checkout the [project] [paper] [presentation]

🤠 Misc.

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